15-20.05.12 | PEZ participates in European Forum Results & Workshop in Vienna, Austria

The Forum of Results, the European meeting of the site representatives and the prize-winning teams of the 11th Europan session, is an important time for reflection around the prize-winning projects on the theme Resonance between territories and ways of life – What architectures for sustainable cities?
From the 95 prize-winning projects –analysed by the members of the European Scientific and Technical Committees– emerged a powerful idea on the question of RECONNECTIONS, or how to articulate what is separate and connect what is disjoint. The Forum of Results focused on the one hand on the results of the session (exhibition, publication, experts analyses and workshops on how to produce a scenario adapted to the hosting city) and on the other hand on the implementation processes following the competition (lectures, debates, urban visits). It was the ending moment of the 11th session of the Europan competition that kept its promises attracting many European candidates and aroused a two-year reflection on innovation in architecture and urbanism at the European scale.

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