032 Fusta Kindergarten, Rohr

XVII composition dans le carré

Urban concept

The new building completes the urban composition by framing the Postplatz that is located between the xxx church on the south, the sports hall in the east and the new kindergarten building on the north. The ‘checkers’ composition of void-solid leaves the plaza as the center piece of the urban fabric. By creating a compact building on the west side of the site we create the possibility to further develop the site’s east side in the future.


The kindergarten is conceived as a composition of 6 interconnected volumes: 5 in EG and one OG. This compositional strategy creates a unified appearance on one hand and allows the division into two separated uses: KRIPPE + HORT on the west and KIGA on the east on the other hand. The roofs of the different pavilions extend in order to create protected outdoor areas as well as sun and facade protection. Our concept creates the ‘ideal’ envelope and conditions for each programmatic element, a friendly scale adequate to its main users – the children, while still being part of a whole greater than the sum of its parts.


The entrance to the KRIPPE + HORT is located in the western side of the site is from Kirchweg. The lobby is located between 2 volumes: one containing the 2 classrooms (grosserspielraum etc) facing south and allowing direct access to the Aussenbereich and the other containing the common utilities such as the kitchen allowing the children a direct connection to it. The volume containing the Mehrzwerk rooms, the dining and living rooms as well the staff offices is located on the first floor, creating a terrace overlooking the surrounding landscape and is accessible using a central stair (and elevator) directly from the lobby.


Each of the KIGAs is articulated as an autonomous piece and located in the east side of the site, allowing each of the Hauptraums and Gruppenraums to get an east or south-east orientation/exposure and to offer the possibility for the children to use the sportshall. The Gedecker entrance to each of them is created thanks to the 1st floor allocation that creates a semi-enclosed plaza open to the outside playing areas. The access to this plaza is possible either from Hinterdorfstrasse or from Postplatz, thus creating a strong connection between the two sides of the site. It generates a quality space that can become a waiting area for parents, host different events of the KIGA, and offer a protected outside playing space when the weather is bad. We suggest a possibility of closing the space with operable partitions that can allow to use it as a flexible, multi-purpose outdoor/indoor space.


The building’s compactness generates an efficient construction, optimized use of the plot and savings of operational costs. All living spaces such as grosserspielraums, hauptraums, Mehrzwerkraums are facing east and south maximizing their exposure to natural light. The extending roofs of the ‘pavilions’ help to protect these spaces from direct sun and heat gain in summer, while allowing light and heat inside the building winter.


We propose a building that is both compact and open, divided and unified, connecting and welcoming. It creates a consolidated public space, continuing the Freiraumkonzept of the Rohr area while allowing future development. The new kindergarten building offers a variety of spaces for the children and creating a pleasant and inviting learning environment.

Rohr, Switzerland
1,800 m2 including: Kindergarten, Hort and KITA
International Competition
Raderschallpartner AG (Landscape Architects), , X-Made (Facade), Atelier Lorincz (Visualizations), Mathias Pfister (Model)
Date: August 06, 2015