08-14.12.12 | PEZ is invited to give a workshop at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel

Where would Piano and Rogers be without Pompidou? What would Herzog & De Meuron do without winning the Tate Modern? How did The City Hall in Den Hague Competition influence Rem Koolhaas’ career? Or Parc De La Villete for Bernard Tschumi…

International competitions place demanding challenges – How can an architect work in an unknown context: cultural, historical and physical? How can you crystallize a concept and communicate an idea clearly with limited space? How can one be economical in means: in research, design, production, representation and presentation?
We are facing a difficult situation – the world of international competitions is breached: in almost every international competition hundreds of international architects compete. Nevertheless this is one of the only ways of a young office to break through the glass ceiling of the important and interesting projects.

How should we play the game?

In the workshop the students will have a glimpse to the international competition world. The workshop will give a hint to the craft of the architectural competition process. It will give the students tools that will allow them to enter this world. The workshop is intended for 3rd-5th year students who have a strong passion for architecture and who are willing to work hard in order to quench their thirst. Only reserved and selected students will participate.
The workshop will be given and lead by StudioPEZ – Pedro Peña and Daniel Zarhy.

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