“Never dramatize, always simplify”


PEZ is an international architecture studio based in Basel, Switzerland and Tel-Aviv, Israel. The studio’s projects are designed based on an active search for new ways of thinking about the interfaces between program, context and architectural ideas in their relationship to art and society.

PEZ was established in 2011 by Pedro Peña Jurado and Daniel Zarhy as a continuation to their ongoing collaboration while working at Herzog & De Meuron. The studio is currently involved in projects in Holland, Switzerland and Israel and has won numerous international prizes and awards.

PEZ’s design approach is characterized by a process of constant tests and relentless examinations that result in an architecture that is both surprising and exciting as well as logical and responsible. It does not follow an architectural style but rather a way of thinking, a process. This process ensures an added value to each project beyond its requirements, a creation of a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

PEZ is committed to assure that both the quality and the budget of the project are managed and controlled throughout the design process until completion. We believe that investing more time in the design process through intense collaboration with all parties involved (client, consultants etc) results in less uncertainties, bigger savings in the building process and a better architectural and financial result.