036 BBZ Wollerau, Zurich


Rather than the modern differentiation between figure and ground, the Wollerau Community Center is imagined as an integration of both. It is conceived as thin layers of concrete, recalling earth strata that create a unified appearance to the project and integrate it with the dramatic landscape overlooking the lake of Zurich. By using the extreme topography conditions – each of the different programmatic elements can be accessed from the outside.

The two inter-connected volumes contain a variety of uses:

The orthogonal – An school classes that act as an extension to the exiting Runggelmatt school and a swimming pool overlooking the exiting football field.

The diamond shaped volume contains an auditorium, a crèche, library as well as a nursery.



Wollerau, Switzerland
4,455 m2 BBZ Community Center, School extension, Nursery, Auditorium, School library and Swimming pool
International Competition - 4th Prize
KGRUPPE (Architecture Beratung), Fontana Landschaftsarchitektur (Landscape Architects), WMM (Structure), X-Made (Façade), Atelier Lorincz (Visualizations), Mathias Pfister (Model)
Date: March 29, 2016