051 BROADCOM R&D Center + Faculty of Engineering – Tel Aviv University

The Broadcom building is the first building at the Tel Aviv University campus that opens up to the city. As such it changes the campus’ paradigm by re-connecting the city and the campus. It is located in a prominent site on the hillside, facing Tel Aviv’s main highway and takes advantage of the site’s height difference in order to create an accessible, animated urban facade showcasing learning spaces, lobby and cafeteria and allowing direct entrance to the building.

The building re-invents the idea of flexibility in architecture by creating an exoskeleton, thus liberating the interior spaces from structural elements, enabling endless layout possibilities. This exoskeleton consists of structural elements and an innovative sun-shading system, which re-interprets the brutalist brise-soleil tradition on campus in a contemporary manner, creating a striking architectural identity.

In addition, we created a series of social spaces, both exterior and interior, that encourage informal meetings,  collaborations and ultimately innovation. We offer a new model of a research building – simple, efficient on one hand and iconic on the other hand.


Tel Aviv, Israel
15,000 m2 above ground: Laboratories, Offices, Classrooms, Auditorium. 15,000 m2 below ground: Parking & technical
2017 - 2021
Invited competition, 1st prize (under construction)
STUDIO PEZ + ZARHY Architects, Project architect: Nimrod Schenkelbach. Structure: Balas Engineers, PM: Yaron-Levi, Facade: X-Made, Plumbing: Yosha, Electricity: Yani, Landscape: Miller-Blum
Date: October 12, 2020