072 Jerusalem Design Week Pavilion, Jerusalem

East of Sun

The theme of the 2019 Jerusalem Design Week was “EAST”. While North and South are clearly defined on the globe with the equator line, East and West are relative and determined by culture. Is Japan on the east side of the US or rather the opposite? Where is Jerusalem (west and east) in relation to the “west”?

Our pavilion at the “Hansen House” in Jerusalem embraces this duality. It is conceived as a round plate, without a beginning nor end. It is perforated unevenly creating an opening that accentuates the sun’s orbit, by casting shadows that change throughout the day and shows the sun’s trajectory from east to west. The pavilions offers both an informal gathering space, as well as a tailor made program of performance art and a special tea ceremony, combining traditions of both near and far east.

Jerusalem, Israel
50 m2 Pavilion – performance space
STUDIO PEZ + Lila Chitayat + Dafna Kron Photo credits: Mikaela Burstow
Date: October 12, 2020