010 Campagne des Chavannes School, Cossonay


How could we create a good learning environment? One that encourages interaction and social connections?

How could each of the program benefit from being in proximity to the others? What should be the relationship between the different programs?

The project wishes to create a real ensemble, a whole greater than the sum of its parts – we choose to unite the different function in one structure surrounding a courtyard. We create a kind of cloister where children from different ages can meet and play while being protected and watched on one hand and have views of the landscape on the other hand. This configuration allows us to refrain from fencing the building, since the open spaces are framed by the different programs.

The silhouette of the building is low and horizontal, blending effortlessly in the surrounding landscape and creating a prominent yet modest building. We create a simple and effective building – one that encourages interaction, creates a pleasant learning environment and creates a new social center to Campagne des Chavannes.

Cosonay, Switzerland
6,000 m2 including: Primary school, classes, consierge apartment, swimming pool
International Competition
Nimrod Serok
Date: January 05, 2013