002 Busan Opera House, Busan

Ecriture No. 040929

How could an icon avoid the clichés of mere formalism?

It is a new kind of icon, not stemming from form but from use and organization. While architecture usually reduces possibilities as it forces a choice, the new Busan Opera House creates more possibilities for new spaces in Busan’s new island. The New Busan Opera creates space rather than just consuming it.

How can we rethink the Busan Opera’s typology?

Since the ancient Greeks invented the “theatron”, “a space for watching”, and throughout history most auditoriums and opera buildings followed a similar organization: the auditorium is wrapped with the foyer on one side and with the backstage on the other, creating buildings that are indifferent to their environment from three of their four sides. We attempt to rethink the opera’s organization, its Eidos, its essence, and to create a building that holds a constant dialogue with both the city of Busan and the landscape. The building is lifted above the ground, hence creating an enhanced relationship between the New Opera and the city as well as a more pleasant and exciting environment for its visitors, the public, and employees.

Busan, S. Korea
48,000m2 including: Opera of 1,800 seats, Concert Hall of 300 seats, public facilities, restaurants, exhibition spaces and retail.
International Ideas Competition - 1st Prize, Invited for the Invited Competition
Zarhy Architects, X-Made (Facade), WMM (Structure), GD (Theatre), Doro Dietz (Visualizations)
Date: January 05, 2013